World leader and trusted partner for Wine Technology

Based in Klosterneuburg in Austria since 1998, WFT is a world leader and your trusted partner for Wine Technology. We offer complete solutions including cooling units, fermentation control and cellar climate control to give you all the tools you need to achieve the product you have in mind.

R&D in the front line

For the last 20 years, we are making a point in pursuing higher standards in terms of quality and efficiency for our products, through continuous research and development, and by questionning established winemaking processes. With every new development, we undertake to combine the latest technologies, functional design and long-lasting winemaking tradition.

With VinPilot® series, we have achieved our goal: to make your work easier and to deliver better results every day. And because each wineyard and winemaker is different, we develop individual offers adapted to your production and your ambitions. With VinPilot®, benefit from today’s innovation without compromising the identity of your wine.

Quality products for quality results

Winemaking is a complex and delicate operation which lets little to no place for mistakes. To become an ally you can trust for your winemaking processes, WFT only proposes products made in Germany and Austria, alongside with a 5-year warranty for our VinPilot®series.

For you, high quality products mean less downtime, less troubles and better results.

Every VinPilot® product is IP67-certfied. For you, it guarantees an optimal resistance against dust and water projections for an uncompromising use even under the harshest conditions.
They also benefit from a 5-year warranty. You can work with a peace of mind, we take care of the rest.

IP67 watertighntess for an optimal and durable protection.

VinPilot® Fermentation control system benefit from a 5-year warranty.

Service is really important to us, and we are available 24/7.

A solution close to you

Year after year, the number of winemakers trusting WFT and the VinPilot® series grows bigger. Today, VinPilot® products are available in more than 20 countries across Europe, Africa, South America and Australia, thanks to a reliable network of local partners.

With our expertise and their proximity put together, we are able to offer you a personalised solution with all the assistance you might need, wherever you work.

Go to our contact page to find your closest VinPilot® contact!