Easy to set up and totally integrated to our VinPilot® solutions, AirCool is our answer to your needs in cellar air conditioning.

AirCool is an air conditioner that comes as the ideal complement to your VinCool cooling unit for a simple but efficient climatisation of your cellar. Whether to cool or to heat, AirCool regulates the ambiant air temperature during your winemaking and conservation processes.

We offer different sizes and models of AirCool to fit the needs of your cellar. Don’t hesitate to contact us for specific needs: the factors of insulation, solar radiation, ventilation, … are to be taken into account to define your exact needs in cooling!

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Our products and services are available in 20 countries in Europe, Africa, Oceania and South America. Thanks to a network formed of trusted retailers, we are able to deliver the VinPilot® product range to you, wherever you are.

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