Buffer Tank

In order to ensure optimum cooling distribution and to keep the switching frequency of the compressor low, we recommend you to carry out tank cooling with our integrated buffer tanks solution.

We have developed an hydraulic tank with attention to every detail: our ProChill hydraulic modules are equipped with a large stainless steel buffer tank, circulating pumps, level monitoring and an automatic bypass valve to take care of all of your needs.

By installing plug-in couplings for external electrical requirements, both at our buffer station and in our cooling systems, the module can be easily docked to the cooling systems. The ProChill hydraulic modules are equipped with their own control unit, which, among other things, also enables operating of the cooling / heating units with our VinPilot® Manager software.

In addition to the ease of installation and the hydraulic structure optimized for tank cooling, the system can be easily upgraded in the event of a growth of your activity, without having to replace the buffer and the pumps.

  • Circulation pump for internal and external circuit (buffer / tank cooling)
  • Pumps with ball valves and screw connections
  • Pressure-dependent bypass
  • Pressure gauge
  • Control cabinet fully wired
  • VinPilot® controller (operation via VinPilot® software)
  • level monitoring
  • Optional electric heating
  • Connections for additional cooling system
  • Enable relay for cooling system

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