CoolFlex is the ideal solution if you want to cool small tanks while being flexible and cost effective. Mobile from tank to tank or barrel to barrel, CoolFlex allows you to control temperature during the first and second fermentations with no effort whatsoever.

The CoolFlex dual hose cools your tank to perfection. With the use of the bung and plug, you can control the fermentation process while ensuring the optimal protection for your wine.
And to satisfy every wine cellar demand, a large range of format is available to you: starting from the small CoolFlex 40 and CoolFlex 50 models up to the CoolFlex Max 400.

You can certainly find the CoolFlex adapted to your needs in terms of temperature exchange, suited for cooling your mash tuns and juice pots. We also propose custom lengths upon request.

The stainless steel hose has a smooth surface, which makes the cleaning of limescale deposit easy. By laying the hose in an alkaline solution your heat exchanger will quickly look like new.

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