ProChill Max

Through our wide range of activities, we have created a refrigeration department dedicated to assist you with the design and planning of your refrigeration system. We are able to offer you a wide range of cooling systems, from 17 to 1000 kW.

Our cooling systems and heat pumps are specially adapted to the requirements of wineries. Even when it comes to larger projects, our team brings its to you 20 years of experience in the business of temperature management. We are able to offer you a wide range of cooling systems, from 17 to 1000 kW.

special installations

Aside from our cooling systems catalogue, we can also supply you with systems with external capacitors: these are often the only solution for your temperature management system, especially in residential areas.
From consultation to the final assembly and commissioning of your system, WFT and its trusted partners is your competent and experienced contact for all of your requirements in refrigeration systems.

New refrigerants are already a big topic of discussion. Since 2018, our ProChill refrigeration system series also comes equipped with new refrigerants, such as propane.

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Our products and services are available in 20 countries in Europe, Africa, Oceania and South America. Thanks to a network formed of trusted retailers, we are able to deliver the VinPilot® product range to you, wherever you are.

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