AirCool room cooling units

Our AirCool room air conditioner is ideal for effective air conditioning of your cellar or tasting room and is therefore the perfect addition to your cooling system. Your cooling system is optimally used in the spring and summer months with little additional investment. Whether cooling or heating, with the AirCool system you have the room temperature under control. In addition, the AirCool unit also reduces the humidity in your basement during the cooling process.



The AirCool cooler can be controlled via any of our VinPilot® controllers. With our PC-networked systems, operation via our software is of course also possible. The VinPilot control systems are designed in such a way that you communicate with your cooling or heating system and that they are only switched on when required. This saves energy, because your cooling system only works when cooling energy is actually needed.

flexible for your requirements

Numerous AirCool variants are available to you, depending on the size of the room and the requirements placed on the optical components. Our partners and employees will be happy to advise you.

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