Cold plates are a very effective solution for controlling the temperature in tanks or barrels. The energy is transferred directly and loss-free from your cooling system to the must and wine and retrofitting is possible with almost all types of containers.

Different designs

Regardless of whether stainless steel, polyester tanks or wooden barrels, our cooling plates can be screwed or installed by welding, depending on the container and customer requirements. In order to cover all requirements as far as possible, we offer cooling plates in a wide variety of formats and, on request, with tailor-made dimensions.

Focus on quality

The high quality of our cooling plates has been valued by winemakers for over 20 years. The focus is on double welding and advanced quality control. As the only supplier, we still polish the surfaces of our cooling plates mechanically without exception. With this we achieve a much smoother surface than with the usual electropolishing. The result is a cooling plate that is very easy to clean. A fact that you will certainly appreciate after a short time.


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