Cooling and heating systems
The ProChill® series are efficient cooling water drycoolers and heat pumps that have been specially developed for the needs of the beverage industry. They are therefore ideal for use in wineries, breweries, distilleries and other food companies.

professional cooling technology

One of the special features of the ProChill® series is the standard equipment with a fan speed control. This guarantees optimal performance in all operating conditions and the lowest possible noise development, especially during the night. In addition to fermentation cooling, ProChill systems can also be used for deep freezing, for example for tartar stabilization.

prochill® heat pumps

The ProChill® systems are also available as heat pumps in the entire performance spectrum. In addition to the cooling function, these are therefore also suitable for generating hot water. Compared to heating with electric heating elements, heat pumps require far less electricity and are therefore much more cost-efficient to operate.


buffer / pump stations for smaller and larger tasks

In order to meet the special challenges of tank cooling in wineries, we have developed special buffer and pump stations. Adapted to the size of the cooling system and the number of tanks to be tempered, we offer perfectly adapted solutions in different sizes.


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