Digital refractometer –  your professional fermentation management system

Making fermentation dependent on sugar degradation has long been the wish of every committed oenologist. With the digital refractometer “VinPilot® Brix” your temperature control becomes a perfect fermentation management system, in which nothing is left to chance.



VinPilot® Brix remains on the tank during the entire fermentation and can thus permanently record the sugar degradation. You are always informed about the stage of fermentation of your wine and at what speed it is being fermented.

your advantage

Connected to our control system and our VinPilot® Manager software, the temperature can be automatically adjusted to the situation. If the fermentation speed falls below a specified minimum, you can be informed via an alarm and thus have the opportunity to immediately take appropriate measures.


additional control functions

In addition to fermentation control, this new technology can also be used to automate other processes that would run depending on the fermentation speed or fermentation phase. For example, the red wine overpumping, the oxygen dosage and the automated nutrient supply are of interest here.

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