VinPilot® One is a simple and high-quality temperature control that meets the tough requirements in wineries. VinPilot One is also characterized by an excellent price-performance ratio.


Reliability and durability are certainly important to you too. This is why our VinPilot®One controllers are made exclusively with first-class electronics from Germany and are housed in a waterproof housing.

Every situation requires different solutions. The VinPilot® One series therefore offers numerous installation options (see brochure).

You have cooling and heating under control with the VinPilot® One. In addition to the tank temperature control, an on/off signal can also be sent to the cooling/heating unit.

highest quality standard

All of our VinPilot® systems are built with care and designed to last. This enables us to offer you a 5-year guarantee on your VinPilot® fermentation control system.


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