Micro-macro oxygenation
For the perfect color and tannin complex and optimal fermentation

optimization through modern vinpilot® bus technology

The completely newly developed VinPilot® Oxy represents an outstanding improvement over the previously known systems. For the first time, it is possible to organize the oxygen dosing in a decentralized manner via a bus system. Among other things, this means far less installation effort and a continuously expandable system. With micro-macro dosing from the VinPilot® Oxy System, each tank has its own dosing unit. The oxygen dosing is regulated with high precision via a mass flow meter and a state-of-the-art metering valve. Due to the large dosing range, it is possible to manage both macro and micro dosing via one unit.

All important parameters can be set in the software. The dosing is recorded and is therefore documented in the batch. In combination with the electronic process refractometer, it will be possible to activate the dosing depending on the fermentation progress. Thanks to this innovative development, in addition to automatic temperature adjustment, the right time for oxygen addition can be optimized.

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