Professional control - perfect results

VinPilot® Pro, currently the most modern fermentation and process control system in the world, combines the most advanced control technology with functional design. For you, this means security in your fermentation process and convenience in all other tasks that the VinPilot Pro can take over for you.


VinPilot® Pro convinces with its simple installation and unlimited expandability.

Your advantages

Perfect fermentation control
Control a wide variety of processes
All information only one click away
Mobile operation via smartphone
5 year guarantee

Control and monitoring of other important processes:

Fermentation according to the rate of sugar degradation (VinPilot Brix)
– Red winr fermenter control
– Micro- Macro oxygenation
– Raumklimatisierung
– Air humidification
– CO2 level room monitoring
– Monitoring of the cooling system


vinpilot® display

In addition to desktop or smartphone operation, the display offers the option of making any temperature adjustments directly on the tank.

quality advantage

All VinPilot® systems are completely waterproof. We offer a 5 year guarantee.

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