Fermentation and process control

  • VinPilot®Pro

    VinPilot® Pro, actually the most modern fermentation system world wide

  • VinPilot Smart

    VinPilot® Smart, the little brother of the VinPilot® Pro, was developed for companies for which only temperature control is important.

  • VinPilot Software

    In order to always be informed outside of the company, VinPilot® offers extensive networking possibilities.

  • VinPilot Oxy

    Micro- and macro-oxygenation is an evenly, regulated supply of oxygen to your must or wine during the fermentation and maturation process.

  • VinPilot Brix

    Mit dem Digitalrefraktometer „VinPilot® Brix“ wird aus Ihrer Temperatursteuerung ein perfektes Gärmanagementsystem.

Fermentation control

  • VinPilot One Compact

    As a leading manufacturer of professional control systems, we have developed a solution especially for smaller wine cellars: the VinPilot® One Compact.

  • VinPilot One

    With VinPilot® One we have succeeded in developing a fermentation control system that meets the high quality requirements of the wineries.

  • VinPilot Panel

    With VinPilot® Panel you can create a control center in your cellar with which you always have an overview.

Air conditioning

Cooling systems

  • VinCool

    State-of-the-art refrigeration technology, combined with many years of experience in wineries - this is how our generation of coolers "VinCool" emerged.

  • ProChill

    Efficient cooling water dry coolers and heat pumps for cooling fermentation tanks

  • ProChill Max

    Compact and split cooling systems for special requirements

Heat exchanger