Top refrigeration technology combined with our many years of experience in wine cellars led to our new cooler, the VinCool. This cooler was specially created for winemakers and offers a resilient, compact and quiet design.

Our many years of experience working with wine cellars combined with our expertise in refrigeration technology led us to develop the VinCool, a resilient, compact and quiet cooler designed specially to answer the wine sector needs. All VinCool systems are equipped with fan speed control. This feature allows optimal performance in all operating conditions, and also benefits you by reducing the noise emission of the cooler.

The VinCool series can also be equipped with an electric heater or a heat pump function in option. Every part in contact with water is properly isolated and made of stainless components. The VinCool comes with a galvanised and powder-coated case to guarantee its resistance through time and against the harshest wine cellar environments. All VinCool systems are also available in stainless steel housings on request.

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