VinPilot Brix

To make the fermentation dependent of the sugar degradation, has been the wish from every dedicated oenologue since a very long time.

After a very intensive development, we succeeded in finding the perfect solution for one of the biggest challeges during the wine production.

With our digital refractometer „VinPilot®Brix“, you finally have a perfect fermentation management system where you leave nothing to coincidence.

During the whole fermentation, VinPilot® Brix stays mounted on the tank and measures instantly and permanentely the sugar degardation.

This way you are always informed on the stage of fermentation as well as on the actual fermentation speed. Connected with our VinPilot® Manager Software and our control system, the target temperature will automatically be readjusted.

By either creating a temperature correction according the fermentation speed or set a fermentation stage temperature profile, our software allows you to have full control and a perfect fermentation.

addtional advantages:

  • flexible implementation
  • easy cleaning
  • macro oxygenation
  • automatic products dosing (yeast, nutrients and acids)

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