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Based in Klosterneuburg in Austria since 1998, WFT is a world leader and your trusted partner for Wine Technology. We offer complete solutions including cooling units, temperature and fermentation control and air conditioning to give you all the tools you need to achieve excellence.
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VinPilot Brix – The Innovation

With our digital refractometer „VinPilot®Brix“, you finally have a perfect fermentation management system where you leave nothing to coincidence.

During the whole fermentation, VinPilot® Brix stays mounted on the tank and measures instantly and permanentely the sugar degardation. This way you are always informed on the stage of fermentation as well as on the actual fermentation speed. Connected with our VinPilot® Manager Software and our control system, the target temperature will automatically be readjusted.

By either creating a temperature correction according the fermentation speed or set a fermentation stage temperature profile, our software allows you to have full control and a perfect fermentation.

According to your selected fermentation speed preference, you will be informed by an alarm when the fermentation is getting sluggish. This will allow you to act in time with appropriate measures.