VinPilot Oxy

Macro- and Micro-oxygenation consists of a smoothly regulated addition of oxygen to your must or wine during the fermentation process. It will greatly help you with the colour, balance and production time of your wine.

Macro oxygenation supports the growth of yeast and the stabilization of your wine colour by binding the anthocycanes to polyphenoles. Micro oxidation is only used later in the fermentation of the wine, with smaller amounts of oxygen are applied over a long period of time. Your wine becomes well-balanced thanks to the polymerization of phenols and can be consummed earlier. As tannins are not removed in the process, Micro and Macro Oxygenation does not affect shelf life.

Our Micro and Macro Oxygenation system works for a group of tanks at once and can be managed through our VinPilot® Manager software for a precise and controlled oxygen administration. Your Investment is limited while offering you access to this interesting and useful technology.

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