VinPilot Secure

The VinPilot® Secure monitors the CO2 concentration of the air of your cellar at all time. It guarantees maximum safety to you and your employees.

The CO2 concentration values are displayed in real time on your VinPilot® Secure. This way, you know you are safe and can work with peace of mine.

You can set up several CO2 concentration values as threshold with your VinPilot® Secure and connect your system to monitor CO2 levels in every room of your cellar. With the possibility to combine your VinPilot® Secure with sirens and beacons units, you get alerted if one of the measurement crosses a threshold.
In addition, you can use our VinPilot® Manager software to control the CO2 concentration in your cellar. All values as well as all alarm conditions are available in the software and can be recorded.

The VinPilot® Secure uses nondispersive infrared CO2 sensors, which reduces greatly the needs to recalibrate your system in comparison with a chemical sensor. For you, it means less maintenance time required and more reliable measurements for longer.

The system also remains completely independent: even while being cut from the bus system or during a computer failure, the alarm and control system remain fully operational.

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