VinPilot Smart

VinPilot® Smart comes second in the VinPilot® series. It has been designed for all of your operations that only require temperature control. With its two switching relays, VinPilot® Smart can be used to cool or heat and can also be set to follow an automatic temperature mode.

Just like VinPilot® Pro, you can operate your VinPilot® Smart through our software VinPilot® Manager and VinPilot® Go mobile App for Android and iOS.
The VinPilot® Smart can be easily attached on your tanks, thanks to multiple mounts adapted to every situation. Also, VinPilot® Smart can be equipped with a fix stainless temperature probe or a remote cable probe to give you all the flexibility you need to install your system.

Naturally, the VinPilot® Smart is fully compatible with the VinPilot® Pro system: depending of the range of functions you need, both fermentation control systems can be used together, to manage temperature in one hand and more complex processes in another.
Thanks to this flexibility, you are sure to find the right solution for the level of automation you are looking for in your winery.

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Our products and services are available in 20 countries in Europe, Africa, Oceania and South America. Thanks to a network formed of trusted retailers, we are able to deliver the VinPilot® product range to you, wherever you are.

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