VinPilot Valve Pro

The best fermentation control system is only as valuable as the valve it controls. That is why we paid particular attention to develop a motorized ball valve that deliver high performance and functionality while reaching high levels of reliability: the VinPilot® Valve Pro.

By chosing a motorized ball valve over a more common solenoid valve, you are chosing what is best for your installation:

  • No outages due to limescale, tiny particles or dirt
  • Slow opening and closing which avoids pressure shocks
  • The motor may be removed to allow the manual opening of the valve and an easy maintenance.

Thanks to our constant efforts in optimizing production processes, we are now able to offer you a European high-quality product at a very competitive price. More than ever, you can make the choice of what is best for your installation.
The VinPilot® Valve Pro also stands out with its robust build. It is IP67 certified, which means it is protected from dust and waterproof. Your VinPilot® Valve Pro will withstand cleaning via a high pressure cleaner without any problem.

Find yours wherever you are.

Our products and services are available in 20 countries in Europe, Africa, Oceania and South America. Thanks to a network formed of trusted retailers, we are able to deliver the VinPilot® product range to you, wherever you are.

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